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In Photos: The Vibrant Colours of Murano & Burano

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Located in the Venetian Lagoon, Murano and Burano are a couple of island clusters not far from Venice. If you are in the area, you should not miss the opportunity to explore these charming spots.

Murano, well-known for its glass-making, is only 1.5 kilometers from Venice and you can easily get there by vaporetto. For centuries, glass-makers in Murano have crafted beautiful glass pieces using techniques that are passed on from fathers to sons. These colourful and delicate creations are unique and can be quite expensive. Fortunately, you can see plenty of interesting pieces just walking around Murano’s streets.

Glass art in Murano, Italy Glass art in Murano, Italy

To get to neighboring Burano, you can also catch a vaporetto. Like Murano, this charming cluster of islands is also known by the high quality of its crafts. In Burano, you can find beautiful handmade lace full of intricate details. But that is not all people come to see here. Burano has gained recognition as one of the most colourful places in the world.

Window in Burano, Italy Colourful house in Burano, Italy

Pretty much everywhere you look, there are brightly painted houses. According to the legend, local fishermen started the trend of painting their homes in vibrant colours so that they could see them from the sea and through the fog.

Lazy cat in Burano, Italy Window in Burano, Italy

Have you ever visited Murano or Burano? How did you like it? Share your views in the Comments section!

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  • Both islands are wonderful. Murano is where all the glass magic happens, and I was happy to be in Venice when there were some of the first pieces up by Dale Chiluly, the American glass master. Just two years later, his work was all over Venice itself. My favorite glass artist is famous now: Lucio Bubacco, who did a series of satyrs and dancing devils that developed into ornate candelabras and other large pieces. Very funny and beautiful work. Burano is where I got my first parasol, ironically not made there anymore. But the lace museum there is spectacular and amazing work that was made with threads so fine only children could spin them. It is colorful like a beach community and a beautiful place to walk and shop. One of my favorite scarves was quite affordable: a cutwork silk velvet neckscarf. Been wearing it for 16 years. Made three trips there that were just spectacular.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Tess. I have not had the pleasure yet to see any of Chihuly’s work in person; but I’d love to do so. His art is simply amazing! I was not familiar with Bubacco’s work; but I just googled it and all I can say is WOW! At first glance, his pieces look beautiful and so delicate; and then when you look closer, you can see all this satyric details! It’s very special, indeed :D Thanks for sharing your experiences from Murano and Burano, and for introducing me to the art of Bubacco.

      • You’re welcome! Venice is one of my favorite parts of the world. You might also like the work of Sergio and Massimo Boldrin, two brothers who make some of the most beautiful masks I know, and there are still favorites I don’t have yet. They come over here to do shows, too, but mostly California. They are just wonderful guys. Am so glad you liked Bubacco. He is just amazing. He was only making small “satyrellos” back when I bought one just before the Venice Film Festival discovered him and made him famous in the glass world. He’s out of my league now. I hope you get to see the real things on your next trip there. Oh I see I spelled Chihuly’s name wrong. Thanks for checking. When his pieces are outside, you have to keep seeing them in different weather!

  • The colours of the buildings are fantastic! How beautiful.

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