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The other day I got the suggestion to think about all those things I’d like to do before I die or the world as we know it ends, whatever happens first; so I wrote this list with 100 items to carry out as my journey progresses. Any help in getting me through my bucket list would be greatly appreciated, so feel free to drop me a line :)

1. Visit Japan
2. Try paragliding and go to 10 different spots around the world
3. Spend one week in each of these cities: Vancouver, London, Paris, Venice, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, San Francisco, Toronto, Amsterdam, Lisbon
4. Make a major bicycle trip around Europe
5. Go sailing in the Caribbean
6. See Australia
7. Visit the Galápagos Islands
8. Travel around India
9. Become location independent
10. Visit Hawaii
✓ Go on a road trip across Canada
12. Go backpacking around Asia
13. Spend a week in a luxury hotel in some paradise island getting back rubs
14. Go skydiving
15. Dance tango in Argentina
16. Get my Italian up to conversational level
17. Learn surfing
18. Get strong at rock climbing by visiting at least 10 different countries to climb (1. Colombia, 2. Canada, 3. USA, )
19. Make a sailing trip of at least 2 weeks
20. Milk a cow
21. Fly in a hot air balloon
22. Visit Bali
23. Eat insects
24. Go to a full moon party on a beach
25. See Rodrigo & Gabriela playing live
26. Climb an active volcano
27. Run a half marathon
28. Go on a road trip around the USA
29. Travel to Iceland
    Go whale watching
31. Learn to dance tinku
32. Polish my French and speak it fluently
33. Stay at an Indian ashram
34. Eat vegetarian at least 2 days a week
35. See the Grand Canyon
36. Visit New Zealand
37. Spend a couple of days in the Amazon
38. Learn yoga and practice regularly
39. Go WWOOFing or Helpxing to at least 5 different locations
40. Own a house
41. Trail the Camino de Santiago in Spain
  Participate on a street parade
43. Play with elephants
44. Go on a helicopter ride
45. Become an early riser
46. Volunteer in a third world country for a month
47. Write 10 guest posts in different blogs
48. Run a marathon
49. Donate blood
50. Knit a scarf for myself
51. Jump from a cliff into deep water
52. Swim with dolphins
53. Learn how to make cheese
54. Go white water rafting
55. Shave my head
56. Participate in a triathlon
57. Check out the tepuyes in Venezuela
58. Learn to live in the now
59. Sell at least 20 photographs
60. Go to Africa
61. Make a horseback ridding trip of at least a week
62. Reach at least medium level for German
63. Witness a meteor shower
64. Experience zero gravity
65. Go island hopping in Greece
66. Make sushi
67. Walk through a labyrinth
68. Help in building a home
69. Become a freelance worker
70. Do a public presentation about something I care about
71. Walk into an airport and spontaneously buy a plane ticket to wherever
72. Ride a mechanical bull
73. Celebrate Dia de Los Muertos in Mexico
74. Go flying in a private jet
75. Work as a cook in a restaurant for a while
76. Dive with whale sharks
77. Attend TED Talks
78. Witness an eclipse
79. Learn to play poker
80. See penguins in their natural habitat
81. Travel on my own for at least 2 weeks
82. Learn more about wines
83. Learn to forgive for real
84. Join a disaster relief effort
85. Ride a horse without a saddle
86. Spend a week in a silence retreat
87. Learn about animal communication
88. Make a loan through Kiva
89. Get my blog to have 1000 visits/month
90. Play with a chimpanzee
91. Spend 3 months in a horse ranch
92. Take a self-defense class and learn some proper ass kicking techniques
93. Experience Tuscany
94. Make a time capsule and bury it
95. Touch one of the great cats (lion, tiger, leopard, etc)
96. Join a flash mob
97. Make some stencil art
98. Participate in a wine harvest
99. Visit Cuba
  Try to put my arms around a Sequoia tree – Did it! In Victoria BC (Canada)


  • Very interesting!!!! You have time to make them all happen… besitos

  • This is a great list. Maybe I will sit and make one for myself. However, following the ‘living in the now’, I am thinking that it should be a top 100 bucket list for 2012. That way, I won’t take 30 years trying to complete it. So here’s how I can help you check off some items from your list. 1) You can definitely do a guest post on my blog! 2) I am from Toronto – although I am always traveling. You can get in contact with me whenever you are going to Toronto and I will help make your 10 days here a blast. Ah and since you are in Colombia, you should add – Take private salsa classes in Cali or Medellín! Let me know if you want to do a post and I will gladly post it and link back to your blog. Similarly, I can do a post for you.

  • Wow, this is an awesome list!
    I recommend that Australia be one of your rockclimbing destinations, and Melbourne for the list of cities for 10 days!

    • Thanks Tash! Australia is definitely one of the places I’d love to go! Not only for rock climbing but also because of the wild life :) I’d love to pet a koala…

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  • bianca i have been going thru your blog and really want to Congratulate you on the awesome job you have done…you really have it in you…its been a pleasure…what I like the most is that you have done it on your terms, i would scratch off the freelance part…and as far as the maze I think you are doing it LIVE with life…
    can’t wait to see you xoxo

    • Thanks Jackie! It’s a work in progress, I still have so many things to do and want to take it further :) I feel like I’m still just starting! Looking forward to see you too! Besos!

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  • Hai Bianca, wonderfull bucketlist!
    I hope we can help you with some items, for instance 20 -34- 38-50-53-66-85( by neighbour Arianna)-87-90 ( is a ‘doodshoofdaapje’ also a good alternative? there are no chimps on Apenheul) and i hope that your real no100 will go easy and simple by its own now!
    Greetings, Marijke

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