My Top InstaShots from Colombia

My Top 10 Instagram Moments from Colombia

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My first destination of 2013 was Colombia. Since I started my nomadic lifestyle, Colombia became my base of sorts. This is the place where my mom lives; and I’ve ended up spending more and more time there. So much in fact, that I decided to get my Colombian nationality sorted out; and, for the first time in years, I’m now traveling with a passport other than my British one (it turns out to be a big advantage when traveling in South America).

This time, I spent three months in Colombia; from early December 2012 to early March 2013. Most of the time, I stayed at my mom’s in Barranquilla (a bit of a challenge for me, because that city kind of drains me). I also visited Nabusimake, Cartagena, Taganga, Tayrona NP and I did the hike to Ciudad Perdida, the definite highlight of my time in Colombia. Below, you’ll find my top 10 Instagrams (the ones with the most ‘likes’) from this trip, I hope you enjoy them!

10. Castillo de Salgar


Located on the coast just 20 minutes away from Barranquilla by car, it’s one great spot to watch sunsets. The Spanish built the castle in 1848. Throughout the years it’s been used for several different purposes; such as customs office, jail, school, among others. Today, it hosts cultural events and there’s a restaurant on the second floor.

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9. Tree view at Tayrona NP

The Tayrona NP i s one of my favorite places in Colombia; I just love spending time surrounded by its magnificent nature. The trees in particular are really awesome, I spotted this one by the hiking trail that goes up to Pueblito, an old settlement for the Tayrona tribe.

8. Carnival in Barranquilla


One of the cool things of visiting family during holidays is that I get to see my niece’s school shows; it’s nice to see the kids keeping up with folkloric traditions. This show was for carnival, the most important event in Barranquilla. Can you guess which one is my niece? :)

7. The colors of Cartagena


If you go to Cartagena, you’ll surely spot this women in very colorful outfits carrying a big pot of fresh fruits on their heads. These are the palenqueras; and for just a few thousand pesos they’ll fix you up with some juicy fresh fruit and will happily pose for you, like this woman did!

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6. Getting dirty en route to Ciudad Perdida


The trek to Ciudad Perdida in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is one of the best hiking experiences that you’ll find in South America. Just one thing though, you shouldn’t mind to get soiled! Never in my life, I’ve as dirty nor stinky as when I did this hike :) It was so much fun!

5. The Clock Tower in Cartagena


This is one of the most iconic sites that you’ll see in Cartagena, Colombia; it is on the main gateway that access the walled city center. I just loved the contrast between the bright yellow of the tower and the beautiful blue sky that you get most days in Cartagena.

4. Sunrise in Cartagena


Anywhere I go, I try to wake up at least once in time to watch the sunrise and take photos. One of the best spots to watch the sunrise in Cartagena is on top of the walls that surround the old colonial city center. It was well worth waking up early for this shot, don’t you think?

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3. Moon rising over Tayrona NP


I’m not really a morning person, so waking up before sunrise is sometimes hard for me. Fortunately, there are also good photo opportunities when the sun sets and the moon rises; like this time I was at Tayrona NP and saw the full moon rising through the branches of a tree.

2. The New Year starts in good company


The start of a new year is kind of important for me; it’s a good time to think about what happened the previous year and see where life is heading next, so it’s great when there’s good company around to share all this with. In this shot I captured the silhouettes of my mom and her dog, Hera.

1. Sunset view at Tayrona NP


This is my most popular shot on Instagram EVER! :) It’s the first time I manage to get 100 likes, which for me it’s a big number! I took this one at sunset at Tayrona NP, in one of the nicest beaches in Colombia; a place that’s well worth a visit!

So there you have them, my best Instagram shots from Colombia! Next, you’ll get to see my best shots from Argentina :) I hope you enjoyed them and get some inspiration for your own travel adventures. If you’d like to see all of my Instagram shots from Colombia, check out my album. For more, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!

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