My Best Instagrams from Argentina

My Top 10 Instagram Shots from Argentina

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On mid-March, I landed in Buenos Aires after spending three months in  Colombia. The Argentinian capital didn’t impress me much so after a couple of weeks I was ready to head down south to Patagonia. My first stop was El Calafate, from where I visited the magnificent Perito Moreno glacier. Then, I headed north to El Chaltén, a little town in the middle of Los Glaciares NP, where I did some of the most beautiful hikes I’ve done so far.

When the weather started to change, it was time to head further north in search for warmer temperatures. I found a good setup in Bariloche, where I spent a couple of weeks hanging out with friends and visiting the many lakes and mountains in the area. Patagonia was definitely my favorite part of Argentina; although I would have loved to visit the northern regions, I decided to cross to Chile by heading on to Pucón.

These are my most popular Instagram shots from my days in Argentina. Enjoy!

10. Hike to Refugio Frey, near Bariloche


Going up to Refugio Frey was one of my favorite treks. When we finally arrived, we were greeted by breathtaking peaks, a crystal clear lagoon, and the striking fall colours of the native vegetation. This view was definitely well worth the effort!

9. Lanín volcano on the border with Chile


This was my last shot on Argentinian soil. I took it from the bus when I was about to cross the border on my way to Pucón, Chile. I felt a bit nostalgic when I left Argentina and couldn’t help thinking about all the people I met and the experiences I had. I hope I can go back soon again!

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8. Tree yarn bomb in Buenos Aires


One of the things that I did like about Buenos Aires, was all the street art that I found. Everywhere you look there are bright and colourful murals. I even found some yarn bombing, which I loved!

7. Fall colours in Patagonia


The best thing about visiting Patagonia during the fall months is seeing its impressive landscapes all covered in red, orange and golden tones. It makes for an unforgettable experience!

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6. One of the beautiful lakes I saw near Bariloche


Right near Bariloche there are many lovely lakes with waters with all kinds of shades, ranging from the deepest blue to greenish turquoise. However, it was way to cold to go in; maybe if I go in the summer I could go for a swim?

5. Laguna Toncek near Bariloche


Refugio Frey is located on the shores of the gorgeous Laguna Toncek; as I mentioned before, the fall colours give this already wonderful sight an even finer glow.

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4. Mount Fitz Roy near El Chaltén


This was the first time I saw Mount Fitz Roy when I arrived to El Chaltén, one of my favorite spots so far on my trip. At first there were clouds all around it, but by the afternoon they’d dissipated and I was able to sneak a peek of the mighty giant.

3. Trekking on Perito Moreno Glacier


Trekking on the Perito Moreno glacier is the best way to get up close and personal with this very impressive mass of ice. For our lunch break, we were taken to a spot by an icy lagoon with the clearest water. It doesn’t get any better than that!

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2. Fitz Roy at sunrise


Ever since I saw a shot from my friend Alain Denis of Fitz Roy at sunrise, I’ve always wanted to see it for myself; that was one of my biggest motivations to get to El Chaltén. I was not disappointed, this is one of my favorite Instagram shots of all times.

1. Perito Moreno Glacier


Standing near the famous Perito Moreno glacier is an awe-inspiring experience. You can’t imagine how massive this icy wall is until you see it from up close and watching chunks of ice fall into the water will leave you with your mouth open.

As you can see, during my days in Argentina my best times were when I was in nature; I fell in love with Patagonia and now I wish to go back at one point to spend a whole season there. Still, when I got to Chile I was happy to see that there were also plenty of awesome landscapes on the other side of the border.

To see the rest of my Instagram shots, you can visit my album. And for the latest on my trip, don’t forget to follow me!

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  • Great shots Biba! Although Argentina made it a little easy on you by being so stunning… Some of those mountains and icescapes look too incredible to be real! Keep up the good work :P

    • Gracias, PP! I agree, Argentina was just beautiful, it wasn’t hard to find amazing landscapes to photograph. Now I’d like to go back and spend more time in Patagonia :)

  • Las fotos son lindas, buenísimo trabajo. I love buenos aires I’m disappointed you didn’t ha ha. But maybe it was because Colombia won your corazón first. Saludos.

    • Muchas gracias, Linda :) Sí, esta vez Buenos Aires no me impresionó mucho; pero quién sabe, quizás la próxima vez la pase mejor :D

  • Great stuff. I have to say however, if you were not impressed by Buenos Aires it means you did not go to the right places!

    • Thanks, Belen! I agree with you that perhaps if I had met some locals, my experience would have been very different. Still, I did get the feeling that Buenos Aires is not an easy place to live in. If I were to move to Argentina, I’d definitely not choose the capital. Patagonia stole my heart.

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