Unusual Things to Do in Paris

Beautiful Paris features enough landmarks to keep the most curious travelers entertained for days. However, most visitors only stick to the most iconic sites. If you are looking for unusual things to do in Paris, these will surely take you off the beaten path.

Have a Picnic at the Parc des Buttes Chaumont

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One of the biggest green areas of Paris, the Parc des Buttes Chaumont is located in the 19th arrondissement and it’s a big favorite with the locals. The most famous feature of the park is the Temple de la Sybille, perched at the top of a hill. Other attractions at the park include a suspended bridge, caves and waterfalls. From the higher points of the park, visitors have stunning views of Paris.

Relax at the Grande Mosque de Paris

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Built in the mudéjar style, the Great Mosque of Paris is an oasis of calm in the bustling French capital. Located in the 5th arrondissement, it is one of France’s largest mosques. The beautiful building is decorated with mosaics and carved wood. The Mosque also houses a restaurant, tea room and a hammam (Turkish bath).

Visit the Fascinating World of Deyrolle

One of the most unusual places you can visit in Paris — and probably the most surreal — is this impressive taxidermy shop. Deyrolle has been around since 1831 and it feels more like a museum than a shop. Here you will find stuffed specimens of some of the most exotic animals in the world.

Explore the Catacombs

Housing the remains of some 6 million Parisians, the Catacombs are known as the world’s largest grave. This underground network of tunnels and caves stretches for miles. It was used as stone quarries, underground cemetery and a meeting place of Parisian subcultures. Nowadays some sections are open to visitors

Take a Tour of the Ghost Stations of the Paris Metro


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The Paris metro system is more than a century old. For one reason or another, many metro stations in Paris have been abandoned and now lie unused. If you are curious to explore this side of Paris underground life, you can join a tour. Keep in mind that these tours don’t happen so often, so you must plan in advance.

Enjoy the Afro Vibes of Le Comptoir Generale

Dubbed as a ghetto museum, Le Comptoir General is a multidisciplinary space that celebrates francophone African and Caribbean cultures. Located in the 10th arrondissement, in this eclectic place you can drink an espresso brewed with filtered rainwater, get a haircut, or buy exotic plants.

Take a Stroll Around the Dog Cemetery

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The world’s oldest pets cemetery lies in one of Paris’ suburbs. This is the resting place of one of Hollywood’s most famous dogs, Rin Tin Tin. To get there, you can take the metro; it’s only a 25-minute ride from downtown Paris.

If you are planning to visit Paris in February, try to catch one of the events of Paris Face Cachée, a festival that aims to show the hidden side of the city. If you are looking for a place to stay, check out the Hipmunk: Hotel Victoria.


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  1. I think the only thing on here I have heard of is the Catacombs. I’ve only been to Paris once, and my trip was really brief, so it would be great to go back and check out some of these unusual sites.

    • Hello Alouise, I hope you go to Paris again and can check out some of these things :) If yu find any other interesting tips, feel free to share them with us! Happy travels!

  2. Hi,

    I have been in August and I truly agree with your list…Unfortunatley I was not able to make to catacombs because I was not aware that on Monday it is closed..But may be ll make sometime again..But nice post..



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