Weekly Photo: Otavalo Market in Ecuador

Shopping at the Otavalo market in Ecuador

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The Otavalo market is one of the most famous markets in South America. Even though you can enjoy the craft market any day of the week, the best day to visit is Saturday — the busiest market day. My favourite part of the market was the food section where one can enjoy the colours of local produce. Also, I just loved the way Otavaleñas (as the women from Otavalo are called) dress: with long straight dark-coloured skirts, white embroidered shirts and strings of shiny beads around their necks. The Otavalo market is definitely a must if you’re travelling around Ecuador!

Do you like visiting markets when you travel? Which is your favourite market in South America? Why? Leave me a comment, I’d love to know!


  1. Markets are a great place for photography. So many opportunities across a range of photographic interests

    My favourite is to capture candid moments with a longish lense

    • Hello, Ian and thanks for stopping by :) I love markets for taking photos as well and they are just gorgeous in South America, so full of vibrant colours. When I was in Otavalo I didn’t have a long lens of any kind so I had to try shoot very discreetly in order to get those candid moments.


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