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When I first arrived to Porto, the second largest city in Portugal, I was looking forward to seeing a different side of the country after spending all summer around Sintra. As usual, I didn’t wait long before turning to the streets and searched for street art to photograph. The panorama was quite different from what I found in Lisbon. The first thing that caught my eye, was the work by local artist Hazul.

All over Porto’s center area, I found many of his pieces; most of them are neat unicolor works, filled with geometrical shapes. They’re both simple and intricate at the same time. Also, there’s a recurrent theme of virgins in his work. Before going to Porto, I was not familiar with Hazul’s work; but I really liked it and wanted to find out more about him online.

Hazul Street art in Porto, PortugalHowever, there was not a great deal of information available on the internet, I only found an article by Portuguese magazine P3 (in Portuguese only). According to the article, Hazul says that it’s not too hard to find walls to paint in Porto, since there are brick walls around all closed buildings. Also, they say it takes him just about half an hour to complete a piece; he says his geometric style allows for an easy, quick and efficient way to occupy the space.

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On the other hand, Hazul also complains about a lack of support from the city, saying that it’s very difficult to get a permit to paint a wall. Maybe that’s why there aren’t many big murals in Porto. Most of the street art pieces that I found were in the small alleys of the city centre.

Hazul Street art in Porto, PortugalIf you would like to see more photos of street art in Portugal, you should visit my gallery.

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Bianca Bauza is a world citizen who spent almost four years traveling around South America and Europe. Her passions include photography, street art, outdoor sports, and cooking exotic dishes. She's now based in the Netherlands where she lives with her partner and young daughter. She still enjoys traveling, on her own or with her family, and is always looking for an opportunity to see new places.

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  • We’re beginning to miss street art a little here in KL, there’s some, but not quite on the level of detail we’ve seen from your pictures from Porto.

    Perhaps we’ve just not discovered the gems here like you have just yet.

    • Greetings from Colombia, Dale! It’s funny how it is with street art, sometimes you expect to find a lot in a place and get little; other times you are surprised of what you find in a particular place. But I’ve never been anywhere near KL, so I have no idea how’s there for street art. South America is looking quite interesting for that, though. More photos coming soon! :)

  • Freya Renders – Holiday Nomad

    I love street art, it makes some areas look so much nicer and more interesting.
    Great photos

    • Thanks, Freya! Yes, street art is one of my favorite things to photograph in a city. In fact, I love seeing how it changes from city to city and country to country :)

  • Emme Rogers @ Roamancing

    Love cleverly done street art like this!

  • graffiti like any other forms of art is really great and enjoyable too.”

  • ทางเข้า sbo

    The artwork was very inviting .

  • I love the HAZUL street art I am a street art maker .
    I neele found out hu is HAZUL just he runn

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