Weekly Photo: Queen of the Andes

Puya Titanca, Puya Raimondi

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The Puya Raimondii, also known as the Queen of the Andes, is a giant plant from the bromeliad family that can grow up to 12 meters high. It only exists at elevations of 3200 to 4800 meters in the mountains of Bolivia and Peru; and it is a relative of the pineapple.

Some of these plants can live for more than 100 years before flowering. When the Puya Raimondii finally flowers, it can produce up to 8,000 flowers and 6 million seeds! However, right after flowering the plant dies. Also, it is an endangered species. As it was explained to us on a day tour, some people believe that these are carnivorous plants so they burn them. Puya Raimondii What’s the most bizarre plant you’ve seen during your travels? Leave a comment, I’d love to know! 


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