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When I was searching for a place to stay for my first ever trip to Rome, I came across The Beehive’s website and liked it immediately. Unfortunately for me, they were fully booked at the time and I had to find another option. So when I learned that I was going back to the Eternal City, the first thing I did was ask about availability. Within 24 hours, I had an email confirming my stay with them!

The Beehive Rome hostel
Getting to The Beehive from Rome’s Termini train station is just a short walk. Once there, you are greeted by their super-friendly staff. They explain how things run at the hostel, give you a quick tour of the place, and give you a map and a city guide with their recommendations of their favourite things to do in Rome. For my stay, I choose to sleep in The Hive; their shared mixed gender dorm room for 30€/night.

The Beehive Rome hostel
Some female travellers might be uncomfortable to sleep in a co-ed dorm room; but The Beehive Rome is very far from being a mainstream backpacker party hostel. The atmosphere is safe and relaxed. Guests (both male and female) are quite mellow, and it seems that most travellers staying in the dorm room are female anyway (at least while I was there!).

The Beehive Rome hostel
What makes The Beehive Rome special is that its owners have created a place that reflects who they are and what they believe in. For example, the walls in the common areas are decorated with beautiful photos of family and friends; in all the bathrooms, they use ecological products made with honey-based royal jelly; and the food served in their beautiful little café is mostly organic and vegetarian. Everywhere you look, there are many personal touches that define the character of this place.

The Beehive Rome hostel

As if all that wasn’t enough, everyone at The Beehive does their best to ensure you love your time in Rome, all you need to do is ask! For example, when I was there and needed to make an appointment to visit the Galleria Borghese, the general manager, Yuli, took care of it in a minute. And when I complaint to Linda of pain in my back due to my sprained knee, she immediately suggested I book an appointment with Jennifer Vinson, an American specialising in Swedish massage; who left me feeling like new and only charged me 35€ for an hour-long session.

The Beehive Rome hostel
Staying at The Beehive Rome didn’t feel much like staying at a hostel at all, it was closer to being in a small boutique hotel where they take care of you and treat you more like a friend and not just a guest. So if I go back to Rome, you can bet that the first thing I’ll do is check to see if there is a spot available for me at The Beehive!

For more information, you should check out their website; or connect with Linda & Steve on Twitter and Facebook.

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