Sade, Live in Vancouver

Sade Concert: Live in Vancouver

Last Saturday, I was lucky to attend the Sade concert in Vancouver. The Rogers Arena seemed to be full, bursting with adoring fans that had waited a whole decade to see them again. However, they’d had to wait a bit longer since first it was John Legend’s turn to shake us around a bit. I enjoyed his performance and the way he interacts with the audience. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good shots since I only had my iPhone with me.

Sade Concert: Live in Vancouver
However, by the time the Sade concert started, I had gotten the hang of it and managed to snap some cool photos. It was not that hard given the beautiful images on the screen in the background. Everything was impeccable and worked to create gorgeous visual effects, playing with colours and shadows.

Sade Concert: Live in Vancouver
The band performed hit after hit, taking us on a trip through their history together. It is clear that they like working together and allowed us a glimpse into their memories of those fun times. We were all specially mesmerised by Ms. Adu’s presence. She is a very beautiful woman. My friend S was right, she is unique because she sings from the heart.

Sade Concert: Live in Vancouver
Overall, it was a fantastic experience and this is one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. For concert dates, you can check this link. And for a little taste of what to expect, check out the photos below.

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  • i fell in love with her in the early 80’s. nice that she is still performing. i hope i catch her one day.
    keep rolling,

    • Yes, I remember my mom playing their music during those early years and she has an amazing stage presence. You should definitely not miss this show if you have a chance to attend. BTW, hope your eye is better :)

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