Salento – A Colourful Pueblo In The Heart Of The Coffee Zone


The morning we left Suesca, we had gorgeous weather and it lasted throughout our journey; which is rare considering the rains that have afflicted the country this season. In fact, we had to make a big detour because the most direct road to Medellin was closed due to the effects of the rains. So we had to go by Girardot, Ibague, Armenia and Manizales to get here. But we decided to make the most of it and stop for a couple of nights in Salento, a beautiful little town located just 24KM away from Armenia.


The way to Salento from Suesca was long, though. It took us about 8 hours to complete the journey by motorbike. We could have made it sooner if we hadn’t got lost in Bogota, which was in a state of chaos with construction work going on all over the place. Riding for so many hours on a motorbike is hard, and I was sore in the oddest places (like my knees!).

SalentoSalento’s streets are full of pretty little houses decorated in vivid colors; no wonder it is a popular stop for travellers in Colombia. There are many places to enjoy a nice coffee, and people seem to enjoy playing billiards a lot over there too. Overlooking the city and the Cocora Valley, there is a mirador where there are some swings to relax and enjoy the view.

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