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After spending hours riding on the road, it was already dark when we finally made it to Salento. Since I was planning my trip to Colombia, Salento was always coming up as an ideal destination to visit. And from what I read, it seemed that many people enjoyed staying at either Hostel Tralala or at Hostel La Serrana.  My mind was already set in that I wouldn’t want to stay anywhere else, specially after so many hours riding the back on a motorbike.

Hostel La Serrana in Salento, ColombiaFirst, we made our way to Hostel Tralala since it was just around the corner from the main plaza. The owner met us outside but told us that they were full for the night. We asked him for directions to Hostel La Serrana and he was kind enough to call and ask if they had availability for the night. Fortunately, they had a massive private room that was still available. Even if it wasn’t the cheapest option ($70000 pesos, about 27€ per night/couple), the room was comfortable and the hostel had a great atmosphere so we where more than happy.

Hostel La Serrana in Salento, ColombiaThe hostel was full of people and it was great for socialising. Also, there were many people volunteering at the place, so it could be possible to work out that sort of arrangement. Another big plus were the evening meals, for only $13000 pesos (about 5€) you get a full meal. During the 2 nights we stayed, we got to taste the Mexican and Middle Eastern nights, and they were both good and tasty.

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