Street art in Huaraz, Peru

In Photos: Street Art in Huaraz, Peru

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Every once in a while, I end up in a place that surprises me in unexpected ways. Huaraz, a small city near the Cordillera Blanca in Peru, is one of those places. I went to Huaraz looking to spend some time in nature. And well, I got so much more. One thing I liked about this mountain town was the curious street art I saw here and there.

One of my favorite pieces was the mural from the photo above, which features a couple of local peasants seen from the back. This work is by Peruvian artist El Decertor. The piece was part of a controversy when another artist painted a very similar mural for a project in Cuenca, Ecuador. To stop the accusations, the mural in Cuenca was changed.

Here you have some of my favorite street art in Huaraz.

Street art in Huaraz, PeruI loved the ethnic details of this wonderful mural by Peruvian tattoo artist Zhimpa.

Street art in Huaraz, Peru Street art in Huaraz, Peru Street art in Huaraz, Peru

Elliot Tupac is a Peruvian artist who has experimented with lettering and typography in graffiti for many years. He specializes in a particular technique based on the Chicha style which was popular in musical posters in the 80s.

Street art in Huaraz, PeruAnd last but not least, I just loved this piece that I found on a quiet street by Belgian artist Spear. He has a knack for creating stunning portraits and I’d love to see more of his work.

Street art in Huaraz, PeruIf you want to see more street art from Peru, check out my post for street art in Lima. And you can find all my street art posts here.

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