Street art in Santiago, Chile

Street Art in Santiago, Chile

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Back in 2013, when I visited Santiago de Chile, I didn’t have very high expectations for what the Chilean capital had to offer. I got there early in the morning after a very long bus ride from Pucón. My idea was to buy a couple of things I needed to replace and then just move on quickly to Valparaiso, since I was eager to see its famous street art.

I found a nice hostel in Barrio Brasil and, after settling in, I went out to explore the neighbourhood. Soon, I realized that the street art in Santiago was nothing short of amazing.

Mural by Gustok in Santiago, Chile

Mural by Eney Crazis in Santiago, Chile

The best of all is that I didn’t have to go too far to see some striking murals. It turned out that Barrio Brasil is a great spot for street art in Santiago. During my walks, I saw lots of run-down houses which were covered with colourful scenes and fantastic characters.

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Also, it was great to discover the works of some great local artists. One of my favorites was Azúkar. I really liked his dreamy characters.

Street Art in Santiago: Azucar & Piguan

Street Art in Santiago: Azucar

Other local artists that caught my eye were Piguan, Henruz, and the collective Brigada Negotrópica; whose works I would see often in other parts of South America.

Mural by Isakone & Henruz in Santiago, Chile

Mural by Brigada Negotropica in Santiago, Chile

Surprisingly, I almost saw no murals by artists that I recognized. Santiago seems to have an open stance to street art, but it looks like international artists often skip it in favour of neighbouring Valparaiso. The one exception was the mural below by Colombian artist Malegría. I had already seen some of his colourful pieces in Buenos Aires and Bogotá.

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Mural by Malegria in Santiago, Chile

Overall, I was very impressed by street art in Santiago. Below you can see a collection of my favorite pieces (just click on the photos to see them bigger).

Do you enjoy looking for street art when you travel? Which are your favorite street art spots in South America?Street art in Santiago

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