Suesca – My New Base in Colombia

When my cousin told me he was giving up his apartment in Bogota at the end of April, I knew I had to find a new base in Colombia pronto. Fortunately, Alain was also searching for a place to spend some time. And we both agreed that Suesca would be the ideal spot: there is wonderful nature, it’s cheap and it’s close to Bogota. After a quick web search, Alain found a rental ad for the perfect little house and asked for more information.

SuescaAs luck would have it, the owners of the place had seen a presentation of Alain’s photos a few days earlier in Suesca and they really liked his work so they invited us over to check out the place. We went to meet them and we hit it off. It turns out they are both geologists. He is Swiss and is also a climber; while she is Colombian and is also involved in her family’s panela business. Normally, they rent the house when they are not around; but in this case they were more interested in an exchange. They proposed that Alain takes some photos of the panela production that Adiela’s family owns in Yolombo, a small town not too far from Medellin. We jumped at the opportunity not only of staying at this wonderful and peaceful place, but also to visit an area that is out of the beaten track and which not many travellers visit when passing through Colombia.

SuescaBut before heading out on a new adventure, we had to get all my stuff from Bogota to Suesca. At first, I was a bit skeptic about Alain’s motorcycle. I could not imagine that we could carry my 28 kilos of luggage while riding both of us on the bike, all the way up to our little house in Suesca. On top of it all, the weather was not with us that day and it rained all the way. I kept having visions of my things sprawled all over the wet highway. At one point, I was so nervous that I nearly started crying. But in the end, Alain’s bike pulled through and got us safely to our destination. It is safe to say that now I have a new appreciation for this powerful machine.

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Hi there! I'm Bianca, a former nomad with a burning passion for travel. I am now based in the Netherlands, where I live with my partner and young daughter. After traveling for almost 4 years straight, I still love to explore new places any time I have a chance, on my own or with my family. For more, check the About me section.

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  • OOOhhhh my palomita!!!! It looks and sounds as if you are having a lot of fun…! But be always careful….
    I wouldn`t have thought much of Dulce Rocinante by the looks of it….in fact I still have my doubts!!! Are you sure it`s as powerful as you say???

  • No worries, mami. Dulce Rocinante is THE best bike to get around these roads :) You could not imagine the state some of the roads are in now with the rains; but the DR takes us anywhere we need to get in one piece!

  • Hello. Very interesting story. Where exactly are you located in the town or outskirts of it (vereda). I was born and raised in New York but my entire family live in suesca and will be there July 1st. Have you rock climbed?

    • Hello Monica, thanks for the feedback :) I’m staying out of town, up on a hill near the Valle de Halcones, a very beautiful place. Yes, I’m learning to rock climb, I find it’s a great exercise for both mind & body. Will it be your first visit to Suesca? Do you rock climb? Saludos!

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