Weekly Photo: Surfing in Tofino, Canada

Surfing at sunset in Tofino BC, Canada

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When I first heard of Tofino, I was surprised to learn that it was possible to surf in Canada. As I imagined, the waters of the north Pacific are cold; but that doesn’t deter fans of the sport. All they need is a thick enough wetsuit and the right conditions. Besides, the coast around Tofino is very scenic; so even if you don’t feel like playing with the waves, you can enjoy a beautiful day at the beach.

Have you visited Tofino or any other places in Vancouver Island? How did you like them? Leave me a comment, I’d love to know!

❤︎ Canada ❤︎


    • Yes, Maria :) I was pretty taken by this view… The light was just perfect and the mood was very serene like you said… I hope I get to see it again on e day!

    • Agreed! Tofino is a really nice little town :) Plus, I did go whale watching while I was there! It was a nice experience, but I didn’t see any orcas nor whales breeching. Maybe next time!


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