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Congos at carnival in Barranquilla, Colombia

The Colours of Carnival in Barranquilla

Carnival in Barranquilla is the most important folkloric display in Colombia. It's also the second biggest in the world after the one in Rio de Janeiro.
My Top InstaShots from Colombia

My Top 10 Instagram Moments from Colombia

During the first months of 2013, I was back again in Colombia to dance in the Carnival, find the Lost City and explore Cartagena. Here are my best Instagram
Marimonda at Batalla de Flores 2013

Shaking it at Carnival in Barranquilla

This year I finally got a chance to dance in Colombia's most important folkloric celebrations: Carnival in Barranquilla. Check out my photos and video!

An Early Start To Barranquilla’s Carnival Celebrations

Barranquilla's Carnival celebrations start almost right after Christmas. Weeks before the big events, the city transforms into a party place
Arequipe Brownies from La Baguette

Arequipe Brownies – A Sweet Spin!

These arequipe brownies were the best I tried in my trip to Colombia. After having a bite, a became a huge fan and couldn't have enough of them!

Home-made Arepitas Dulces

One of the things I love most about visiting my mom, is getting my favourite meals prepared for me. Arepitas dulces are definitely at the top of my list!

The Best Chocolate Pudding

In my opinion, this is The best chocolate pudding in the world! Anytime I go to Barranquilla, I have to eat this cake at least four times!

My LASIK Surgery

All my time in Barranquilla has revolved around my LASIK surgery. I'd been wanting to have this done for a while to cut my dependence on contact lenses and eye glasses, since I was...

Barranquilla – Carnival Time or Bad Timing?

I'd always wanted to see carnival in Barranquilla; but I had to wait another year because of my recovery from my LASIK surgery :(

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