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Off the Beaten Path Rome

Off the Beaten Path: 12 Unusual Things To Do in Rome

These twelve unusual things to do in Rome are sure to spice up your itinerary. By venturing off the beaten path, you will get a deeper understanding of Rome.
View of Luxembourg City during the Wenzel walk

Luxembourg: Enjoying the Views Along the Wenzel Walk

if you wish to explore Luxembourg city, one of the best options is to follow the Wenzel Walk, an itinerary that the city has set up to guide visitors around.
Street art in Santiago, Chile

Street Art in Santiago, Chile

Best of all, I didn't have to go too far to see some striking murals. It turned out that Barrio Brasil is a great spot for street art in Santiago.
The Coliseum by night

5 Reasons To Love Rome

Even if I don't like cities so much, Rome has a very special place in my heart. Check out my reasons to love one of Europe's oldest cities!
Mural in Santiago, Chile

The Cheeky Princess in Santiago, Chile

What a name for a hostel! Still, I loved staying at the Princesa Insolente while in Santiago :)
Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Not Impressed With Buenos Aires

Maybe my expectations were too high, but at the end I couldn't wait to get out of BsAs!

Caracas, City of Fury

For the start of my journey, I decided to get back to my roots and travel first to Venezuela to visit friends and family. As usual, my arrival point is Caracas, the city where...

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