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Basílica del Voto Nacional in Quito, Ecuador

In Photos: Basilica del Voto Nacional in Quito

The Basilica del Voto Nacional can be seen from almost anywhere in Quito and it is actually the largest neo-Gothic basilica in the Americas.
Children at the Pase del Niño parade in Cuenca, Ecuador

Celebrating Christmas in Cuenca With the Pase del Niño

The Spanish introduced the Pase del Niño Christmas celebration hundreds of years ago. Infant Jesus is carried through towns and villages amidst dancing and costumes.
Plant at Quito's Botanical Garden in Ecuador

Experience Ecuador’s Biodiversity at Quito Botanical Garden

If you love plants or if you simply want to escape the busy city life for a couple of hours, then a visit to the Quito Botanical Garden is well worth it.
Hiking at El Cajas National Park in Ecuador

Extravagant Food and Losing Our Way at Cajas National Park in Ecuador

Enjoying the solitude of Cajas National Park near Cuenca, Ecuador; a perfect getaway to escape the crowds during the holidays! A tale of our experience.
Architecture in Cuenca, Ecuador

The Charming Architecture of Cuenca, Ecuador

With its year-round spring-like weather and its charming architecture, Cuenca (Ecuador) is one of the country's most attractive cities for expats and tourists
Shopping at the Otavalo market in Ecuador

Weekly Photo: Otavalo Market in Ecuador

The Otavalo market in Ecuador is one of the most famous markets in South America. Featuring loads of local crafts, the busiest market day is Saturday.
Orchids in Quito, Ecuador

Weekly Photo: Orchids in Ecuador

Did you know that Ecuador is home to over 4000 species of orchids? After a visit to Quito's Botanical garden I learned a bit about orchids in Ecuador

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