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Off the beaten path Barcelona

Off The Beaten Path: The Best Barcelona Hidden Gems

From secret gardens to clandestine dinner parties and unique buildings, these are the best Barcelona hidden gems that will get you off the beaten path.
Best Gelato in Rome

The Best Gelato in Rome [Updated 2019]

Featuring 14 fantastic places, this is the ultimate guide for finding the best gelato in Rome. We've also included a map and useful tips to help you find your way!
Cloudy view of the Castle of Bourscheid in Luxembourg

Is Luxembourg Worth Visiting? 7 Reasons Why You Should!

With its culture, green landscapes, and rich history, Luxembourg is an ideal weekend destination. If you are wondering if it's worth a trip, I list seven reasons why you shouldn't miss visiting this off-the-beaten-path destination.
Mykonos on a Budget, the best value boutique hotels

Mykonos on a Budget: Top 10 Best Value Hotels

Here are some tips to enjoy Mykonos on a budget and our top choices for the best boutique accommodations that offer great style for just a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere on the island.
Unusual Things to Do in Paris

Off the Beaten Path: 15 Unusual Things To Do in Paris

This guide of unusual things to do in Paris will surely take you off the beaten path to discover some of the best hidden spots the city offers!
Mural by AKACorleone in Breda, the Netherlands.

Netherlands: Street Art in Breda

Located about 100km south of Amsterdam, this charming little city is the perfect day trip destination. Don't miss discovering the great street art in Breda!
Free Things to Do in Hamburg

10 Free Things to Do in Hamburg

Germany's second biggest city can be expensive. If you are visiting and want to save some money, here is a nice collection of free things to do in Hamburg.
Off the Beaten Path Rome

Off the Beaten Path: 12 Unusual Things To Do in Rome

These twelve unusual things to do in Rome are sure to spice up your itinerary. By venturing off the beaten path, you will get a deeper understanding of Rome.
Miniature version of the Het Loo Palace in Madurodam in Den Haag, the Netherlands

Madurodam: Seeing The Best of the Netherlands in a Day

Madurodam is a miniature open-air park in the outskirts of The Hague that features scale models of all the major highlights of the Netherlands in a nice little area.
Unusual things to do in London3

Off the Beaten Path: 20 Unusual Things To Do in London

London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe. If you are looking for unusual things to do in London, this list will get you off the beaten path.
View of the Bruder-Klaus-Feldkapelle in Germany.

The Amazing Architecture of the Bruder Klaus Field Chapel

Small but full of details, the Bruder Klaus Field Chapel is a remarkable work of religious architecture. The natural setting, its austere facade, and its mystical interior; make this intriguing chapel a must for architecture lovers.
Mural by Mateusz Magrowicz in Lodz, Poland

Poland: Street Art in Lodz

Poland's third largest city was selected by Lonely Planet as one of the best value destinations for 2019, plus there is also some amazing street art in Lodz.

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