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An Afternoon Wandering Through Dozza

Check out the paintings on the walls of the capital of modern frescoes, Dozza!

The Mille Miglia as a Solo Woman

By pure chance, I ended up stamping the Mille Miglia's racers cards during my time in Bologna; and I stumbled upon Silvia Oberti, a remarkable woman.

On How to Cook a 10€ Porcini Mushroom

In my nomadic lifestyle, I miss having a kitchen. During my time in Bologna, Italy I wanted to learn how to cook a porcini mushroom. Recipe inside!

Gubbio – It’s All About Crazy Parties & Getting Dirty

During my time in the beautiful region of Umbria, also known as the green heart of Italy, I had the opportunity to visit the lovely town of Gubbio.

Staying at The Beehive Rome

After staying at the Beehive Rome, I can say that this is one of my favourite hostels in Italy. The staff was helpful, a great location and tasty food!

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