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Pineapples at a market in San Jose, Costa Rica

In Photos: Market Life in San Jose, Costa Rica

The following snaps were taken on a rainy Sunday morning at an open air market in San José, Costa Rica.

Shopping at the Jean Talon Market in Montreal

The Jean Talon market is the best farmer's market in Montreal; it's full of fresh food and beautiful colours, a must for any foodie in the city!

Balsamic Vinegar Tasting at Acetaia di Giorgio

My experience tasting traditional balsamic vinegar at Acetaia di Giorgio in Modena, Italy. It never occurred to me that vinegar could taste so sweet!

Eating Like A Roman

Exploring Rome's Campo de' Fiori market with Walks of Italy's Rome Food Tour

On How to Cook a 10€ Porcini Mushroom

In my nomadic lifestyle, I miss having a kitchen. During my time in Bologna, Italy I wanted to learn how to cook a porcini mushroom. Recipe inside!

Erabliere Sucrerie de la Montagne

If you're near Montreal, visiting the erabliere Sucrerie de la Montagne is a mus! This traditional sugar shack has been designated as a Quebec Heritage site

Arab Food in Bogota – Al Samira

Walking around La Candelaria district, we stumbled upon Al Samira a great place for Arab food in Bogota, offering tasty meals at budget prices

Panela – The Purest Sweetness From The Cane

Last time I was in Colombia, I had the opportunity to visit a trapiche, a place where cane sugar is processed into panela; a typical south American sweetener

Home-made Arepitas Dulces

One of the things I love most about visiting my mom, is getting my favourite meals prepared for me. Arepitas dulces are definitely at the top of my list!
Ajiaco at Restaurante Bururake

Ajiaco at Restaurante Bururake

Ajiaco is a soup typical from Bogota, in Colombia. However, you can have a very delicious one at Restaurante Bururake in Minca

The Best Chocolate Pudding

In my opinion, this is The best chocolate pudding in the world! Anytime I go to Barranquilla, I have to eat this cake at least four times!

Arepas at Hermanos Moya

Some people say that you haven't been to Margarita Island if you haven't tried the arepas at Hermanos Moya, a small kiosk by the road to Playa El Agua

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