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Juan Griego, The Best Spot For Sunsets On The Island

Juan Griego is a small town on the northeast tip of Margarita Island; it's the perfect spot to see the most beautiful sunsets while chilling out

Arepas at Hermanos Moya

Some people say that you haven't been to Margarita Island if you haven't tried the arepas at Hermanos Moya, a small kiosk by the road to Playa El Agua
Cachapa con Queso Guayanés


Cachapas are a typical Venezuelan dish made from fresh corn dough and filled with some local varieties of cheese, like the Guayanés or Queso de mano

Macanao: Horseback Riding in Margarita Island

Horseback riding in Macanao was a bit of an adventure thanks to a little pepper horse that made my mosquito fly away and send me crashing to the ground!

Isla Margarita, Spending Time with the Family

Whenever I come to Isla Margarita, it mostly means spending lots of time with my family. My sister and my brother have been living here for years.

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