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Best Minimalist Instagram Accounts

24 Inspiring Minimalist Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

A selection of some of my favourite Instagramers with a clean minimalist style. Come find some inspiration and follow along!
iPhone-only Instagram Accounts

15 Awesome iPhone-Only Instagram Accounts to Follow

A selection of some of my favourite top Instagramers who showcase iPhone-only images in their galleries. Come have a look!
Houses in Montreal, QC (Canada)

Top 7 Cafes in Montreal to Work From

My top 7 favourite cafes in Montreal to work from, the ones that not only offer great coffee and wifi connection; but also other perks. Come have a look!
The Coliseum by night

5 Reasons To Love Rome

Even if I don't like cities so much, Rome has a very special place in my heart. Check out my reasons to love one of Europe's oldest cities!
Train ride across Canadavideo

Willy Moon – Railroad Track

Travel music inspiration is back with this cool track!

Good Times at the Stay Inn Lisbon Hostel

At the Stay Inn Lisbon Hostel, a luxury hostel that opened recently in the Barrio Alto district of Lisbon, Portugal; you get luxury at budget prices

Paul Kalkbrenner – Aaron

Paul Kalkbrenner's Aaron, featured in the soundtrack of the movie Berlin Calling (2008), is one of those tunes that always put a little smile on my face

Paolo Conte – Via Con Me

Paolo Conte is one of the most recognised and appreciated Italian voices in the world. When I travel in Italy I love to have him as a soundtrack for my trip

Devendra Barnhart – Lazy Butterfly

Devendra Barnhart is one of my favourite artists; I love the folky silkiness of his music, the magic and poetry of his lyrics, how he sings in Spanish

Track Of The Week – Skanky Panky by Kid Koala

This is such a delicious track! I love the bass line, it's deep and luscious. Anytime I listen to Skanky Panky by Kid Koala it gets me on a good mood

Home-made Arepitas Dulces

One of the things I love most about visiting my mom, is getting my favourite meals prepared for me. Arepitas dulces are definitely at the top of my list!

The Best Chocolate Pudding

In my opinion, this is The best chocolate pudding in the world! Anytime I go to Barranquilla, I have to eat this cake at least four times!

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