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La Sierra Nevada – High On Clouds And Colors

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta NP is home to the world's highest coastal mountain range, reaching 5700 meters above sea level; it's well worth a visit.

Barranquilla – Carnival Time or Bad Timing?

I'd always wanted to see carnival in Barranquilla; but I had to wait another year because of my recovery from my LASIK surgery :(

Delayed by the Rain

When we were leaving Venezuela to get to Colombia, we were delayed by the rain and since we lost our flight connectiion, we had to stay overnight in Panama

Juan Griego, The Best Spot For Sunsets On The Island

Juan Griego is a small town on the northeast tip of Margarita Island; it's the perfect spot to see the most beautiful sunsets while chilling out

Arepas at Hermanos Moya

Some people say that you haven't been to Margarita Island if you haven't tried the arepas at Hermanos Moya, a small kiosk by the road to Playa El Agua
Red Snapper with Rice, Salad and Plantain

Red Snapper at Bohio de Doña Carmen

The best meal we had in Isla de Coche was the dinner at Bohio de Doña Carmen. The place is small and colourful, with an open hall with views to the sea. It's very...

Home Cooked Meals

One of the best things about coming back home, is tasting my mom's cooking again. Nothing like having her prepare my favourite meals to make me feel like I actually have a home!

Isla de Coche, a Break From Routine

When I visited Margarita Island, we took a weekend trip to Isla de Coche, a small island of only 55 km² that is also part of the Nueva Esparta State.

Macanao: Horseback Riding in Margarita Island

Horseback riding in Macanao was a bit of an adventure thanks to a little pepper horse that made my mosquito fly away and send me crashing to the ground!

Isla Margarita, Spending Time with the Family

Whenever I come to Isla Margarita, it mostly means spending lots of time with my family. My sister and my brother have been living here for years.

Cuyagua, a Piece of Paradise

Cuyagua, located within the Henri Pittier National Park the oldest national park in Venezuela, is a beautiful beach that certainly feels like paradise

Caracas, City of Fury

For the start of my journey, I decided to get back to my roots and travel first to Venezuela to visit friends and family. As usual, my arrival point is Caracas, the city where...

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