La Fortuna waterfall near Arenal volcano in Costa Rica

Taking a Break at La Fortuna Waterfall

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During most of the month of November, I had the pleasure of staying at the beautiful Hotel Casa Luna. The hotel is located a couple of kilometers away from the small town of La Fortuna; which lies close to the base of the imposing Arenal Volcano. I happened to end up there as the lucky winner of Viventura’s Blog your Way to Paradise contest. So for almost three weeks, I shared working spaces with the viTeam. We were surrounded by rich vegetation, flowers and beautiful birds.

From our location, it was quite easy to get to La Fortuna waterfall. It was just a short 2 km hike up the road. When we got to the entrance, some of us were a little surprised by the $10 USD entrance fee. We found it was a bit unusual to pay for access to nature. However, I later found out that the funds collected are invested in local social projects for new infrastructure, education, and the maintenance of the area. If we consider that sometimes we spend double that amount to watch some useless Hollywood blockbuster, it becomes much more reasonable to fork out that money.

Church in La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Once inside, there’s a trail of stairs leading down to the waterfall. It can be steep at some points and the descent takes about 15 minutes. La Fortuna waterfall drops from about 70 meters high and it’s quite a majestic sight to see. Going in for a swim is a definite must! Also, don’t forget to bring some mosquito repellant and some drinking water to refresh yourself on the steep hike back up :)

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Orchids in La Fortuna (Costa Rica)


Waterfall La Fortuna in Costa Rica

For all the photos of my time in La Fortuna, check out my gallery here.

As mentioned above, I was hosted by Viventura and Hotel Casa Luna as the winner of the Blog your Way to Paradise contest. However, all opinions and views are strictly my own.

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  • I love Costa Rica. I also visited La Fortuna and the waterfall a couple years ago.
    It is indeed a very beautiful place.

  • Can’t say I’d ever pay to access nature, that seem’s a little bit too far past ‘entrepreneurship’ for my personal liking. Shame really, it looks beautiful.

    • It’s quite a beautiful place, Dale; but I guess it works a little different in Costa Rica. For my part, after spending almost 30€ to see the latest Bond movie when I was in London, I felt like it was ok to spend $10 USD to visit a waterfall; there was more sense in it somehow.

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