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The Cheeky Princess in Santiago, Chile

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When I first arrived to Santiago, I was not expecting to like the city that much; specially after the letdown that Buenos Aires was for me. Other travellers just mention Chile’s capital as a hub, a stop on the way to somewhere else. Since I needed to get some work done, I was expecting to spend a few days in the city. Also, I This was the last big city that I’d see in a while, so it was a good place to replace some things I missed.

While looking for a good hostel in Santiago, I came across the Princesa Insolente  Hostel  and the name alone (which translates to Cheeky Princess) was enough for me wanting to stay there. The hostel is in a pretty little pink house in the middle of Barrio Brasil, one of Santiago’s most bohemian districts. The perfect place to explore the city looking for street art.

Patio in La Princesa Insolente hostel in Santiago, Chile

The hostel is decorated in a modern and chic fashion with lots of bright colours on the walls and plenty of fluffy, comfy chairs and sofas to relax in. The common areas are designed with the travellers’ needs in mind, which give the place a very social atmosphere. It’s no wonder then that there is a good mix of people from everywhere staying here at any given time.

Double room at La Princesa Insolente hostel in Santiago, Chile

The rooms are spacious enough and clean. There are individual lockers in the dorms and each bed has a lamp, electrical outlets, and a small shelf to put your stuff on. It’s all about the little things. Sometimes you take them as a given when you travel; but let me tell you, it doesn’t happen all the time on this side of the world! The bathrooms are also modern and clean, and there’s hot water 24 hours a day.

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Bathroom at La Princesa Insolente hostel in Santiago, Chile










Breakfast is included in the accommodation price, covering all the basic elements: bread, jam, margarine, tea, coffee and eggs! The kitchen is spacious and opens up to the patio, where there’s a bar with a good choice of craft beers. Regularly, there are weekly events for guests staying at the hostel. For example, when I stayed there, they offered free sushi on Tuesdays!

Kitchen at La Princesa Insolente hostel in Santiago, Chile










Overall, I was happy during my stay at the Princesa Insolente Hostel. It was a cool and comfortable place to come back to each day. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a hostel in Santiago de Chile.

For more information, you can find them at:

Princesa Insolente Hostel
Address:  Moneda 2350, Santiago 8350576, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile
Phone:  +56 2 2671 6551

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