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The creative possibilities that Instagram offers are endless. A quick search around a few profiles can bring you to the galleries of some highly creative people. Some of them have been very successful at executing well a simple idea; while in the process gaining a big following.  Below you’ll find some of the top creative Instagramers to follow. I hope you enjoy them and find some inspiration in their feeds!



Instagram: @benedettodemaio

The gallery of Italian designer Benedetto Demaio is one of the most consistently beautiful that I’ve seen so far. His images are simple and minimalist and he has a thing for a certain shade of blue.



Instagram: @cestmaria

With its cotton candy look, Maria’s gallery takes us to a sweet and innocent world. Her minimalist style and the pastel colours she uses in her images are very romantic. She lives in Mexico and you can also follow her in Tumblr.



Instagram: @dadsdiscdelights

For jazz lovers, following this account is a must! London photographer Zöe Timmers documents her father’s passion for jazz music. She mostly shoots short 15 second videos while her father provides the captions and answers to comments. A very creative way to use Instagram, if you ask me!



Instagram: @finnanofenno

Italian Carlo Alberto Giardina mixes his love for cars with colourful drawings and designs. He shoots images of cars with his phone and then simply lets his creativity flow by drawing on the images with his finger. If you’d like to know more about him, check out his interview on



Instagram: @Lovelimzy

Lim Zhi Wei is a Malaysian artist based in Singapore who posts her beautiful artistic creations on Instagram. She uses the colours and shapes of flowers, mixing them with watercolours and drawings to create stunning images. For more, follow her on Facebook.



Instagram: @moon_scribe

Artist Sarah Haywood left her job to dedicate herself to her passion of creating light paintings. She loves to photograph beautiful landscapes by taking long exposure shots and writing with lights. To find out more, check out her website.



Instagram: @muradosmann

If you still haven’t come across one of Murad Osmann’s iconic shots, chances are you’re not that much into social media. The photographer’s series “Follow Me To” project is based on the simple concept of taking shots of his stunning girlfriend leading him to places around the world. At present, his gallery has over a million followers and has inspired more people to take their own #followmeto shots.



Instagram: @Pchyburrs

Instagramer Peechaya Burroughs is based in Sydney, Australia. Her posts minimalist images of everyday objects over white backgrounds that are transformed in creative and humorous ways.



Instagram: @__remmidemmiItalian photographer Sandro Giordano gives us a glimpse of his photo series “In extremis”, in which he shows people who have fallen to the ground in odd positions and settings. He explains: “My photographs are ‘stories’ of a decaying world. Each snapshot ‘tells’ of worn-out characters who tumble down on the floor, too tired and too stuck in the groove to even try any resistance.



Instagram: @teaforbear

Russian Instagramer Sergey Minkin gives us his view of the world in 45 degrees squares. The result is a consistently creative gallery. He likes to play with textures and lines to create aesthetically pleasing images. For more, check out his feature on Instagram’s blog.



Instagram: @willitbeard

Will It Beard is the project of husband and wife Pierce and Stacy Thiot. Their concept is basic but fun: they just stick random objects — anything from toothpicks, Lego blocks, uncooked spaghetti, flowers, etc. — in Pierce’s beard and photograph the results.



Instagram: @zoumala

The gallery of Guillaume Lamazou is full of surreal images that look like a window into his dream (and sometimes nightmare) world. He likes to describe his Instagram feed as “making imagination reality”.


So there you have them! I love looking at these profiles and marvelling at how these guys came up with these awesome images and concepts. They are truly inspiring, don’t you think?

Next timw, I’ll post a list with some of the top Brazilian Instagramers to follow in celebration of the World Cup, so stay tuned! In the meantime, have a look at my Instagram profile and check out my latest shots:

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Do you follow any awesome creative Instagram accounts that you’d like to recommend? Leave me a comment and let me know! 

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