Top Instagramers To Follow For Adventure Seekers

Top Instagramers to Follow for Adventure Seekers

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For many, the thrill of adventure is one of the greatest drivers in life; it’s what keeps it interesting as they push their limits further and further. Instagram is a window into people’s lives and it can get us closer to those adventurous souls that we all admire.

If you’re looking for some adventure inspiration, here’s a collection of twelve Instagram feeds that will give you an adrenaline rush no matter where you are. As usual, I’ve tried to get a good mix of different kinds of thrill seekers so that you can find some that you like. If you do, make sure to follow along these adventurers’ rides!



Instagram: @aaronbhall Photographer Aaron Brimhall shares on his Instagram gallery his love for motorcycles with a stream of daring yet elegant images. Also, he often pairs with his wife, Salomé, to take photos in dreamy places.



Instagram: @carolinegleich Professional skier and mountain climber Caroline Gleich likes to travel the world in pursuit of outdoor adventures. Her IG feed takes us along for the ride and rewards us with stunning views. If you’d like to know more about her, check out this interview for Dirtbag Darling.



Instagram: @chrisburkard Chris Burkard is a self-taught photographer who specialises mainly in surf photography, although his gallery also features other epic adventures. Last year, he went on a surfing trip to Iceland — yep, you read that right: Iceland! — and the images he captured were quite amazing, to see some of them check out this video.



Instagram: @goprobombsquad A collective of professional athletes who travel around the world searching for the perfect flight, the Bomb Squad‘s gallery takes us high up to the skies. You can also find them on Facebook.



Instagram: @highsteph Professional rock climber and BASE jumper Steph Davis is one of the world’s leading figures in the climbing world. Steph has had more than her share of tough moments in life; but they have not kept her from soaring. What I love about her gallery is that it’s a celebration of life and living it to the fullest. If you want to know more about this remarkable woman, I thoroughly recommend her book Learning to Fly.



Instagram: @jedidiahjenkins Jedidiah Jenkins left his job in Oregon, USA to embark on an epic bicycle trip all the way south to Patagonia. But he’s no stranger to adventure. In the 70s his parents set on their own amazing trip by walking across America. He’s been traveling now for 11 months and he’s continuing until the end of the year. You can also follow his adventures on his blog.



Instagram: @jimmy_chin When the top adventurers of the world are going on some amazing mission and want someone to document it, they usually call the same photographer: Jimmy Chin. As  a professional climber and skier, he’s one of the few that is able and willing to keep up on these challenging expeditions. Plus, his photography is truly spectacular.



Instagram: @mustangwanted Ukrainian daredevil Mustang Wanted is one of the world’s most famous urban climbers. You’ve probably stumbled upon one of his videos on the internet. His IG gallery is equally nerve-wracking. Oh, and please just don’t get too inspired and attempt any of his stunts!



Instagram: @Olicow While attending law school in Australia, Olivia Hsu discovered her passion for yoga. She’s also an amazing rock climber. Her Instagram gallery has beautiful images that illustrate her two complementary passions. A truly inspiring feed!



Instagram: @rafaortizkayak Rafa Ortiz is a professional kayaker born in Mexico. He’s one of the world’s only four kayakers who has completed a drop of over 100 ft. (30 metres). In 2010, he successfully plunged down the impressive Big Bananas Falls in Mexico, a drop of 128 feet (39 metres). To read all about it, go here.



Instagram: @stevelloydphoto Adventure photographer Steve Lloyd, based in Salt Lake City, USA, has a thing for mountain biking. His Instagram feed is a continuous stream of thrilling mountain biking action shots. It will surely make you want to get out there!



Instagram: @zaknoyle Based in Hawaii, photographer Zak Noyle‘s Instagram gallery is one of the most popular for surf fanatics. He spends countless hours in the water to craft awesome compositions. If you’d like to know more about him and what it takes to be a top-notch surfing photographer, check out his interview for Outside Magazine.


So there you have them! If you liked this list, check out my other posts on the Top Instagramers Series:

Next time, I’m taking you to the city that never sleeps with my round-up of the Top Instagramers to follow in New York. So stay tuned! In the meantime, have a look at my Instagram profile and check out my latest shots:

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Do you follow any awesome adventurers on Instagram that you’d like to recommend? Leave me a comment and let me know! 

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