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15 Awesome iPhone-Only Instagram Accounts to Follow

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As one of the fastest growing social media networks, Instagram is one of the best mediums to showcase your creativity. Since its beginnings as an iPhone only app, much has changed in the Instagram universe. Today, a lot of users showcase photos made with other cameras and it’s getting harder to find users who keep iPhone-only Instagram accounts.

Here, we’ve prepared a small compilation of our favourite Instagramers who post images shot only with their iPhones. We hope you find some new inspiration in their feeds, too!


Product designer Cocu Liu divides his time between Chicago and San Francisco. His gallery is a collection of urban shots from both cities. His style is clean and minimalistic and he has a great eye for composition.




Dmitry Markov is an award-winning Russian photographer. In 2015, he was awarded one of Getty Image’s Instagram Grant. He has a very particular style and his gallery is full of great shots with an essential human component.




Also from Russia, Dmitry Morugov is a Moscow-based Instagramer with a keen eye for composition. He features mostly architecture shots that play with clean lines. We really like his minimal style.



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Irina is a Spanish teacher and blogger based in Vienna who likes to share images of her favourite places around her hometown and during her trips. In her gallery you will find lots of pretty views, flowers, and sweet treats.




Based in Portland, Oregon, Kimberlie Haggstrom mostly features photos of her home base, so you can expect to find some really great nature shots in her gallery. We also love the photos from her travels, which usually take us to warmer places.




After taking a break from Instagram, Brazilian blogger Leticia is back on again! She is based in Toronto, Canada and likes to share some of her favourite city spots.



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Hannibal Renberg is a mobile street photographer based in Paris, France. He shots candid street scenes mainly in black and white.




The photos from this Belgian girl who lives in Marseille (France) seriously make us want to pack our bags and go enjoy a little of the Mediterranean lifestyle.




Brazilian art director Nei Cruz shoots stunning portraits and fashion images only with his iPhone. He also keeps editing to a minimum. The result is an eclectic stream of stylish photography.



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Benoit is another great mobile street photographer from Paris. He features shots of his time in the French capital and its surrounding area.




Based in Italy, Matteo shares beautiful shots of Venice and his native land, the Abruzzo region. He also travels often around Europe, so you can find urban images of other European destinations.




Ruairidh McGlynn is a mobile photographer from Edinburgh, Scotland who specialises in landscape photography. He has a great eye for capturing the alluring beauty of desolate landscapes.




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The gallery of photographer Neal Kumar features urban shots mostly taken in his hometown, Chicago. His images strike a delicate balance between warmth and cool, light and darkness.






Alex Spatari shares his view of the world in his Instagram gallery. During his travels he likes to find those little details that often go unnoticed to others.




Based in New York, Tamara Peterson gives us a glimpse of the pretty corners of the city that never sleeps. But her gallery is not only about NYC, you will also find plenty of great shots from her travels.




So there you have them! We hope that you like this small selection and that you start enjoying these galleries as much as we are. And don’t forget you can also find us in Instagram! We have one profile for camera photos and a separate one for mobile photography. Take your pick!



Do you follow any awesome iPhone-only Instagram accounts that you’d like to recommend? Leave me a comment and let me know! 

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