The house at Trapiche Gualanday is made in the traditional Paisa style of white walls with red details and checkered floors. Everything inside is bright and colourful, as if to match the wild colours flowing from the surrounding vegetation.

Finca at Trapiche Gualanday

Yellow flower from our window at the Finca in Trapiche GualandayIt is just amazing how many different varieties of flowers and trees there are here. Just keeping up with all the various types of heliconias, Adiela’s favourites, is an impossible task. The butterflies and the birds also come in unreal colours, but they are way too fast and shy to let themselves be photographed.

A shy butterflyMy absolute favourite in the whole farm is “Mi Niña” (my girl), the pretty little cat who just had a small litter of three tiny kittens. However, the night we were gone to Maceo some of the neighbour’s dogs sneaked in and killed two of the kittens. They found them lying dead in the patio the next morning.

Mi Niña, the resident cat at the Finca in Trapiche GualandayThis is “Survivor”, the only one left (hopefully it’s still there). I was so shaken by this incident and could not imagine how had Mi Niña managed to save this little one.

Survivor, the only kitten left

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