Spring is definitely one of the best times to visit the Netherlands. As the weather gets warmer, the fields in the countryside start filling up with colourful flowers. It is quite an amazing sight and something that you should experience at least once. Each year, thousands of tourists come to the Netherlands to see this unique spectacle.

However, most people stick to the more touristic area near Haarlem and the world-famous Keukenhof Gardens. If you want to see tulip fields near Amsterdam and avoid the crowds, your best option is to head to the Noordoostpolder.

Red tulips field near Emmeloord in the Netherlands

The Longest Tulip Route in Holland

Located in Flevoland, the 12th province of the Netherlands, the Noordoostpolder was created when the Zuiderzee area was reclaimed from the sea in the 1940s. Today, the region boasts some of the biggest and most beautiful tulip fields in the country, which are in full bloom during April and May. In fact, Flevoland is Holland’s biggest flower-growing region. 

So each year, there is a 100 km route laid out for visitors to experience this amazing colourful show. The views are so magnificent that the Tulip Route was selected as one of the world’s most beautiful road trips by National Geographic in 2009.

Since it is such a big area, if you want to do the whole circuit, the best option is to come by car. However, you can also rent a bike in Emmeloord and cycle around the fields. That is what we did when we visited. It was a great way to see the fields and enjoy a beautiful spring day outdoors.

Cycling around the tulip fields near Emmeloord in the Netherland Picking flowers near Emmeloord in the Netherlands

There are also several interesting stops along the route, such as the tulip show garden, which features hundreds of tulip varieties; a pop-up restaurant; and some designated spots to take the perfect selfie.

How to Get There and Other Practical Details

To visit the tulip fields in the Noordoostpolder, the best is to go to Emmeloord. This small town is the administrative center of the municipality and the major transport hub in the area. You can easily get there by car from Amsterdam and it just takes about an hour ride..

If you want to get there by public transport, take the train from Amsterdam to Lelystad. Then take the bus to Emmeloord. Once there, you can rent a bike to get around the tulip fields or just follow one of the official bike routes.

In 2017, the Tulip Route takes place from April 21st to May 7th. To see the full calendar of events planned for this special event, visit their website (in Dutch only).

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